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Welcome to Federated-Zion Churches in Grand Forks and Manvel, ND

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The Reverand Keith Mills is originally from Ohio, graduated from the Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio in 1985, and was ordained by the United Church of Christ that same year and served St. John's UCC in Lowell OH until 1991.  He then served St. John's UCC in Milton, PA until 1995 when he was called to Congregational UCC and Hope Congregational UCC in Minot and Granville where he served from July 1995. He became Pastor to Federated Church and Zion Congregational in January 2006.

In Keith Mills' Statement of Ministry he defines Christian ministry as "an honest attempt by the people of God to spread the gospel of Jesus the Christ."  He states that

   *   The Church is for All People,

   *   Christian Faith Must Inform All Aspects of Life,

   *   Christian Ministry is Not Easy and

   *   The Gospel is the Truth.

We must find new and exciting ways to live the gospel.  Because in the process we realize afresh what we have known all along; the gospel is not just a nice idea, it is the truth.  We must continually develop new opportunities whereby we catch ourselves living our faith.  For in those moments comes dramatic proof the Gospel of Jesus the Christ is the truth."


The Rev. Keith Mills




Our Former Pastors
Dr. David Hartson
Rev. Richard Tosh
Rev. Guy Stone
Rev. Walter Scott
Rev. Cecil Robinson
Rev. George Macauley
Rev. Hubert Dukes


Where the "cross"roads of the United Church of Christ and the American Baptist Church merge